Baba is you is a 2d puzzle game made by Hempuli, a Swedish Video Game Developer. The game's core concept is rules. Anything can be a rule: what character you control, What objects have collision, even how you win a level.

About the project

This project was a passion project, I had a few goals in mind: I didn't want to use any outside libraries ( I even wrote my own version of JEST at one point ), and I wanted it to accurately emulate the real game.

Interesting Tidbits

I am super proud of several components of this project. One of my favorites is the rendering system.It is fully capable of rendering animated sprites, Tinting sprites by combining pixel values and even render priorities! It was one of the most satisfying parts of the journey!

Lessons Learned

I truly feel like building things from scratch is two birds , one stone deal. You learn what libraries are doing for you in the background and gain a much better appreciation for the open-source ecosystem we are all blessed with.

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