Lauren Staser Portfolio Site

This site was a dream to work on! This was Lauren and I's first experience working on a project together. Her communication skills and eye for detail are off the charts. Timely feedback and an open mind made every step of this project smooth and rewarding. I can honestly say I am a much better designer and developer for working on this project.

About the project

Lauren and I collaborated on this design, making sure every detail of the site perfectly reflected who she is as a designer. I loved helping Lauren build this portfolio, so she can show off her beautiful design work to future clients!

Interesting Tidbits

The illustration page is by far the most interesting page, in regards to the code to build it. I wrote a mini markup language and parser so she could specify exactly what order the photos go in, Then I wrote an image scaling algorithm to fit the photos to the container and maintain perfect proportions! I couldn't really be happier with this section!

Lessons Learned

The better Lauren and I got at communications the more rapidly we were able to complete tasks and get better results at the same time! She is a joy to work with and i hope we have many more projects in the future!

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